12 May 2013

Mammography in the News

12 May 2013,

Please read this document regarding mammography in the news and updates regarding mammography at our clinic.

25 April 2013

Bone Density Testing Interval and Transition to Osteoporosis in Older Women

25 April 2013,

You may have heard about the study “Bone Density Testing Interval and Transition to Osteoporosis in Older Women” (Gourlay et. al., NEJM, Jan 19, […]

6 March 2013

Protest letters against anti-screening propaganda

6 March 2013,

Click here to read the first of two protest letters against the anti-screening propaganda. 40 screening experts from all over the world signed the […]

27 February 2013

Response to Canadian Task Force Recommendations

27 February 2013,

To Our Patients, You are probably aware of the LATEST controversy regarding screening mammography. At the end of the day, each patient is going […]

16 April 2012

Thyroid Shields – CCO Response

16 April 2012,

Recent American media reports (e.g. Dr. Oz) have highlighted the use of thyroid shields/collars during routine mammography as a means to minimize exposure to […]

15 April 2012

Dr Oz Show and Thyroid Shields

15 April 2012,

This week’s episode was ostensibly intended to set the record straight, with Oz, the cardiothoracic surgeon who hosts the show, inviting experts from dentistry […]